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At SDX, we create photorealistic visualizations, 3D projects for 3D printing and we print in 3D. We provide services for large and small organizations and for individuals. Our service is comprehensive and of high quality.

We are located in Poland and can send the 3D prints anywhere in the world. If our website does not provide you with the info you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Do you want to print the model you created? Do you have a 3D printer, but you can’t prepare the 3D model? Let us help you.

A 3D printer itself is not enough. To print the desired model, it is necessary to prepare its optimized model for printing. If you have your own machine park, we will gladly help you by preparing projects for printing. We can also make the final product using our equipment.

3D printing is a very good, fast and economical solution when it comes to prototyping or production of short series of ready products from materials available on the market. 

Whether you have the model ready for printing, or you will use our service to optimize a model for printing, you can order from us a print of your desired object. 

We print in FFF / FDM technology as well as in SLA and DLP technology. Our printers are able to print an item with a precision of up to 0.01 mm, and using 5 colors.

Photorealistic visualizations allow best presentation of existing objects or those which are still in the prototyping phase.

Photorealistic visualization is an ideal alternative to a photography, giving many more possibilities, to explore in colors, materials, location, and at much more attractive price. It’s the perfect solution to show the product before its final concept is implemented.

Visualizations works well wherever the product takes a concrete shape, i.e. in the development, architecture, jewelry, gaming and furniture industries.

Why choose us?


We take care of all the details and try to ensure that every customer receives a product that meets his or her expectations. Excellence is our priority.


We value your time, that's why we always fulfill our obligations. We will not promise you that is not doable.


We are here to facilitate your objective. If you are not sure what solution is right for you, we will help you to choose an optimal one.

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