3D projects for 3D printing

Projects for 3D printing

For years, we’ve been creating 3D designs optimized for 3D printing as well as for other applications or visualizations of models .
The types of industries for which we build 3D objects include

  • jewelry (we take into account the specificity of the industry, i.e. the subsequent use of the finished casting, its processing, the method of forging stones),
  • developers and commercial builders,
  • furniture production,
  • interior designers,
  • and many others.

Our goal is to carry out our work within agreed upon deadlines and cost projections, which we present in details before executing anwork order. Customer satisfaction in using our product is our top priority.

Ordering projects for 3D printing step by step

  1. Step by step approach in placing an order for projects for 3D printing:
  2. Provide needed technical data of items that will be used to prepare the project. This could be a prototype sent to us, a photo with dimensions or in otherforms agreed upon.
  3. Contact us to establishdeadlines and delivery schedules.
  4. Based on the above details, we will prepare a cost estimate.
  5. With client’s approval, we will execute your work order.