3D projects for 3D printing

Projects for 3D printing

For many years, we’ve been creating 3D designs optimized for 3D printing as well as for other applications such as applications or models for visualization.

The industries for which we build 3D objects include jewelery (we take into account the specificity of the industry, i.e. the subsequent use of the finished casting, its processing, the method of forging stones), developers (we try to create models that faithfully reproduce given buildings or other objects while maintaining optimization a given block so that it can be used later in the application or visualization without unnecessary loading of computers used for calculations with the participation of a given object), the construction industry, furniture production, interior architects, and many others.

We aim to carry out our work within the agreed deadlines and costs, which we fully present before proceeding with the order. We attach importance to the quality of our work allowing optimal use of our product.

Ordering projects for 3D printing step by step

  1. Please provide technical data of the item that will be used to prepare the project. Depending on the order, it can be a prototype sent directly to the company’s headquarters, a photo with real dimensions or another form agreed by email or phone.
  2. Please contact us by phone to agree on the details of the order including the time needed for its implementation.
  3. After obtaining the necessary information, we perform calculations and provide information on costs.
  4. After client’s acceptance, we proceed with the order.

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